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A few drinks we offer

Blood Orange Whiskey Margarita

A margarita for the Whiskey lover!

Want a twist on a standard margarita, then try this delicious version!

2nd & Main craft cocktail

White Chocolate Espresso Martini

A sweet treat!

A sweet and delicious cocktail that is perfect for the chocolate lovers!! Be careful these... They are so good, you'll forget there is alcohol in them!

2nd & Main craft cocktails

Moscow Mule

A Cool Refreshment!

This is a one of our favorites!  Vodka, ginger beer, and traditionally made with a lime and lime juice.  We can make many variations of these.  A local favorite is the Strawberry Moscow Mule!


Uptown Smash

Summer in a glass

Looking for something that is going to be delicious and fruity??  This is definitely the drink you'll want to try first!


The Old Fashioned

A True Classic!

This classic is hard to improve upon, but this old fashioned finished with a special 2nd & Main signature, will have you coming back, time and time again.

Drinks: Our Drinks
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